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Lois Tabberson Gray

Dealing with complex financial problems can be frustrating. But you do not have to sort them out on your own. Lois Tabberson Gray, P.C. is a trusted and experienced Broomfield bankruptcy law firm you can depend on for solid advice and dedicated representation.

With more than 35 years in bankruptcy law, we understand the process, the players, and the pitfalls. We discuss your options and set out a strategy that protects your interests. We understand the strategies debt collectors use and how to protect clients from them and keep creditors at bay. We also steer clients clear of debt consolidation scams.

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The Duties Of A Bankruptcy Attorney

The Duties Of A Bankruptcy AttorneyUnder Code § 526(c)(2), the debtor was entitled to an award of $20,000 in emotional distress damages for her attorney's negligence in assuring her that her $150,000 debt to her former husband arising out of state court marital dissolution proceedings would be discharged in her Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Code [...]

Debt relief you can count on

A bankruptcy helps clients eliminate most debt and make a fresh start through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. We also guide clients through the complex process of restructuring and repaying their debts in Chapter 13 bankruptcy when that is the best course of action. Additionally, several alternative debt relief options are available.

Bankruptcy clients also benefit from Attorney Gray’s skills as a family law attorney. She explains the relationship between family law and bankruptcy and how best to protect you when legal issues involving family and finances are intertwined.